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Louise Giblin MRBS

**Gold medal winner at Florence Biannale 2017** **Selected to represent the UK at G7 of Art in Florence in 2017 and Art Revolution Taipei April 2016** **Winner of the 'Lorenzo il Magnifico' Award at Florence Biennale 2015** Louise Giblin is a world-leading body cast sculptor & member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She studied 3-Dimensional Design, Fine Art/Sculpture BA & the History & Theory of Modern Art MA at Portsmouth, Brighton & Chelsea (London Institute) colleges of Art & Design. She was taught by Antony Gormley, Peter Randall-Page & Edward Allington. Louise's sensual & striking sculpture is produced in clay, fired & then cast in bronze, translucent resin or cold cast metals. Her subject matter is portraiture & the human form, involving detailed, overlapping, fragmented or abstracted imagery. Her method develops ideas from research, observation sketches, digital imagery & written works. Models for sculptures she's worked on have included a huge range of people from a Miss World contestant to a priest.

Body Casting Olympians 2012: In July 2011, Louise Giblin's Olympian Series commenced with the first major British Olympian being body cast for sculpted pieces relating to their physical power & personal triumph. Athletes working with Louise include World Champion gymnast Beth Tweddle MBE, Dame Kelly Holmes, Sally Gunnell OBE, Kriss Akabusi MBE & Paralympian quadruple medallist swimmer Darren Leach. The sculptures, drawings & photographs were exhibited the Mall Galleries, London between 21-26 May 2012, the sculptures only at Saffron on the same dates & the entire exhibition at Saffron from 27 July-11 Aug 2012. Living Legends 2014: The Living Legend Series will be an opportunity for those who have received a lot of public attention to consider how they wish to present themselves. Louise is aiming to cast eight models in total from a range of fields including politics, performance, art, modelling & the media. Work for the series started in Dec 2011 with the head casting of Michael Portillo, broadcaster and Chairman of the Mall Galleries and more recently, Heather Mills and Lord Colin Moynihan. Louise's work has been exhibited widely in London, Scotland, the United States, Hong Kong, and across the south of England.