Frances Bloomfield

2012 was a very successful year for Frances Bloomfield, with a solo exhibition in Tunbridge Wells and further group exhibitions in Brighton and London. Now exhibiting her work internationally, her career is going from strength to strength with the value of her work doubling and still rising. We're excited to watch her star rise in the coming months and years.

Frances' work explores the layered narratives of dreams and the 'improbable' scenarios that we unconsciously construct. These 'Dreamboxes' provide a glimpse of other inner or imagined realities. The depth and complexity of which offer a rich landscape for reflection and a juxtaposition of curious elements, which open a range of disparate and challenging narratives. "There's no single realitythere are many realities. There's no single world. There are many worlds, and they all run parallel to one another, worlds and anti-worlds, worlds and shadow-worlds, and each world is dreamed or imagined or written by someone in another world. Each world is the creation of a mind." Paul Auster Man in the Dark 2008