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Frances Bloomfield

Frances Bloomfield graduated in Fine Art from Ravensbourne College of Art. After many years in London lecturing in graphic design at the Sir John Cass School of Art and Design and the University of the Arts, Frances established herself very quickly as a successful contemporary artist and now exhibits widely throughout the UK and abroad.

Her work comprises exquisitely crafted three dimensional collages, her Dream Boxes. These dreamscapes explore the layered narratives of dreams and the 'improbable' scenarios that we unconsciously construct. They provide a glimpse of other inner or imagined realities. The depth and complexity of which offer a rich landscape for reflection and a juxtaposition of curious elements, which open a range of disparate and challenging narratives. Often Frances' work is compared with miniature theatrical sets, cleverly enhancing depth and perspective. Inspired by nature, industrial landscapes, frail and decayed architecture, domestic ritual, materials are found, recycled and rediscovered.