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Eve Shepherd MRBS SPS

Born in Sheffield in 1976, Eve began her career as a sculptor at the tender age of 17 as an apprentice to the well known animal sculptor Anthony Bennett. Within months, having recognised Eve's unique talent, Bennett recommended her to the UK's largest sculpture and heritage company Scenic Route. At Scenic Route, Eve developed a reputation for high quality portraiture and was in high demand by many of the company’s clients. Her work included public sculptures, often above life size, many of which can still be seen exhibited internationally including the UK, South America, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, Singapore and Germany. At the age of 21 Eve was given the responsibility of heading the Sculpting Department, managing other sculptors and taking the lead on many more large scale projects worldwide.

After several years, and having become the most respected sculptor in the profession, Eve decided to focus on her own work, and became freelance. Around the same time she was accepted by Chelsea University in London, where she caused a stir by re-introducing clay and figurative sculpture to an environment which had been starved of it for many years, having instead favoured conceptual art. In 2000 Eve was invited to become a member of the prestigious Society of Portrait Sculptors (SPS) and an Associate Member of The Royal British Society of Sculptors (MRBS). Eve received a commendation and the Pangolin Award in the SPS Tiranti Prize for Young Portrait Sculptor (2002), for her work "self portrait" and was widely acclaimed by members Of the SPS in 2003 when she exhibited "Dignified" in the Summer Exhibition. Alongside her own sculpture Eve, is currently working on major commissions including two to produce full body portraits of Physicist Stephen Hawking, one for Cambridge University and one for Cape Town University.