Dion Salvador Lloyd

In 2011 Dion was selected to exhibit at the RA Summer Exhibition, The Discerning Eye, The Royal Society of Oil Painters and the Royal West of England Academy. Since then he has also been selected to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Cambrian Society, The Royal West of England Academy and again at the Discerning Eye exhibition.

Lloyd paints spaces that have accumulated memories which they are communicating back to us, memory buried in painting. His palette is specific, the tones poetic of the past, ephemeral and permanent at the same time, the timeless landscape and the fleeting memory. They suggest the river that always flows, the sea that always crashes, the wind that blows, time that passes, a world turning, storms brewing. These are spaces where we have walked, layers of footprints, places where lives have been lived. They are universal not site-specific, encouraging us to consider the energies of the natural world rather than the appearance of a particular place. They are both paintings and containers, full to the brim, energized and charged by their vibrancy and animation; they move, breathe, whisper, sing. To see them is to feel them, they go in through the eyes but aim for the soul. "I think 'suggestive' would be an accurate description of my work. I refer to nature again and again, however I like to remove anything recognisable and leave just the colour, trace and mood of the landscape, allowing the viewer to interpret a painting and experience their own particular response to it. Ultimately I want to make work people can fall into." Dion Salvador Lloyd