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Adrian Walker

Adrian Walker has exhibited extensively in London and throughout the South East and has a fast expanding collector base. His paintings represent a search for warmth, movement, mystery, balance. An emotional response whether dramatic or perhaps even slightly intangible is what he strives to elicit from the viewer. He believes a painting should make you feel something before you can begin to put the feeling into words.

"The process of painting for me is labour intensive, in turn frenetic and intensely physical and quite suddenly calm and reflective. Countless paths to be explored, ideas to be coaxed and sometimes brutally dismissed. The paint that is left on the canvas should have earned its right to be there. I draw deeply from memory, sometimes long archived memories where the details may have become sketchy but the sense of the memory remains beacon bright. I draw also from a long held fascination with Norse Legend, which is the main focus of my current work." Adrian Walker